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EfficienSea is one of the most important projects in the Baltic Sea region, being both a strategic and a flagship project.
Efficient, safe and sustainable traffic at sea

The aim of EfficienSea is to improve maritime safety and the environmental state of the Baltic Sea region. EfficienSea partners implement tools developed and improved with a transnational perspective.

The project acronym EfficienSea is deduced from our statement: Efficient, safe and sustainable traffic at sea.

EfficienSea overall aim
The overall aim of EfficienSea is to improve maritime safety in the Baltic Sea region through concise and coordinate actions. Partners represent driving forces in the region for the development of improved of safety measures. We all work for safe, sustainable and efficient traffic at sea and together we develop tools to make it happen.
EfficienSea gathers 16 partners from six countries in the Baltic Sea region. Partners are national and one regional authority and research institutes.
EfficienSea is the largest ever Interreg project, a result of many ambitious partners, strong partnership, and ambitious scope and level of influence.
EfficienSea was approved in fall 2008 in the first call of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013. The budget is astonishing 8 million € and funding is provided by the EU (the European Regional Development Bank ERDF), the Norwegian government and partner organisations.
EfficienSea falls under the Baltic Sea Region Programme priority Baltic Sea as a common resource, where the objective is to improve the management of Baltic Sea resources in order to achieve a better environmental state. The priority focuses on joint transnational solutions declining the pollution of the Baltic Sea and improving sustainable management of the sea as a common resource.
Project management
The Lead Partner is the Danish Maritime Authority(Søfartsstyrelsen), DMA. The Lead Partner is liable to the contract with EU. DMA carries out project, financial and communication management on behalf of the project. DMA is also workpackage leader for WP4 e-Navigation.

EfficienSea - a Strategic Project
EfficienSea is a Strategic Project, picked as one of three out of the 24 projects approved in 2009. Three projects were identified as particularly strategically important for the whole Baltic Sea region and strongly supported by national authorities as well as international actors such as HELCOM and EMSA.

EfficienSea - a Flagship Project
EfficienSea has been appointed as a flagship project within the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. EfficienSea, which aims at the Baltic Sea becoming a pilot region for
e-Navigation by establishing e-Navigation test beds, contributes to the strategy’s priority area no. 13 on maritime safety and security. The role of EfficienSea in the strategy is that the Baltic Sea should “become a pilot region for e-Navigation”.
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