Pilot boat in Gdynia habour. Photo: Rafal Niski
WP5 Vessel traffic data & maritime planning
The overall goal of WP5 is to integrate maritime traffic data into a coastal environmental framework.

With the understanding of the Baltic Sea as a common resource, strong emphasis is placed on cross-sectored collaboration and exchange (vessel traffic and marine environmental regulatory agencies), as well as transnational cooperation.

In WP5, evaluation of existing vessel traffic data and new tools for improving such information are linked with corresponding environmental data, facilitating efficient coastal zone management.

On one hand will data bases and prediction tools on maritime traffic (including AIS management, numeric traffic simulation and environmental effects) be improved, and on the other hand spatially corresponding geographical, biological and coastal zone user data will be established. This provides the basis for further enhanced efficiency of maritime traffic while adhering to principles of safety and environmental sustainability.

The EfficienSea WP5 partnership
WP5 is lead by the Norwegian Coastal Administration and the work is carried out by the following 14 organisations:
  • Norwegian Coastal Administration
  • Danish Maritime Safety Administration
  • Moere Romsdal County, Norway
  • Maritime Institute in Gdansk, Poland
  • SSPA, Sweden
  • Maritime University Szczecin, Poland
  • National Institute of Technology, Poland
  • Gdynia Maritime University, Poland
  • Kymenlaakso University of Applied Science, Finland
  • Maritime Office Gdynia, Poland
  • Swedish Transport Agency
  • Estonian Maritime Administration
  • Finnish Maritime Administration
  • Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
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